Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VTW Welcomes September and New Heavy Timber Projects.

Vermont Timber Works welcomes September and a busy fall schedule. As we wrap up the heavy timber projects in the shop (Rich Barn, Ayers Trusses), many are on their way (Blackwood Barn, Blackwood Residence, Hacker Valley, White Mountain Admin, Neely Residence) and some are in the engineering and shop drawing phase (Westbrook Middle School, Cox Natatorium, Notre Dame Academy).

Leaves are begining to change, but searching for new heavy timber construction projects has not. Travis and I (and perhaps a 3rd) are finding much to bid on. Currently Rick's desk is full of timber frame projects that need estimates. Welcome Centers, Park Pavilions, Commercial Timber Buildings and Residential Projects. If the project mentions heavy timber, we are all over it!
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DENPDX said...

Pretty maple, Oregon has another month to go.

Megan said...

Vermont has such great foliage.

Shellmo said...

I have dreams of visiting Vermont during the fall season!

SandyVTW said...

You would love it Shelley, very pretty, just like your area!